I guess one is worse than the other

Today I was called a b*tch and a p*ssy, Well maybe not a b*tch, I heard him say it and another teacher heard it too, but he said he called me a p*ssy but not a b*itch.

When I told him that I wasn’t the only one that heard him say it, he said there was no one around. I asked him when was that and he almost said when I called you a b*tch. I really think it was unfair of us to talk to him in the office without a lawyer. It’s just too easy.

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Essential Software 2006

This isn’t a list of software released in 2006, because some of the software I have started to use isn’t new. Instead, I have made a list of software that has become essential to every computer I use in the past year. After making the list a theme of working on more than one computer but maintaining access to my files has dominated this list of software.

Launchy (free) Download
Much like Quicksilver for Mac, Launchy gives you a simple keystroke launcher for programs and documents. After having launchy installed for a week, I found myself trying to use alt-tab to launch the search for programs or documents on other people’s computers.

Foldershare (free) Download
Foldershare was acquired by Microsoft in November 2005, but that shouldn’t stop you from using this file synchronization software. I’ve tried other synchronization options but none worked as well. Besides the accuracy, another advantage of Foldershare is the ability to synchronize your date without plugging onto your home network. Because the synchronization connects your computers online, you can access your files remotely. There are Mac and Windows version of Foldershare for people that use two operating systems.

Hamachi (free) Download
Hamachi is a free VPN (Virtual Private Network) and if you spend any time away from your home, you will find the ability to connect the smae as you would if you were plugged into your home network.

Google Reader (free)
RSS and Atom feeds may still be a geeky way of viewing the web, but once you start using feeds, the ability to view many websites quickly for updates is essential. I’ve used FeedDemon in the past and it’s great, but with my time split between a desktop and laptop, I didn’t want to have to worry about synchronization. You do need a gmail account, but those are easy to find now.

MediaCoder (free) Download
I’ve tried a lot of encoders for my iPod, but finally settled on MediaCoder. While MediaCoder is very easy it use, it is still very powerful and can tackle any video or audio format you throw at it.

Tunesleeve (free) Download
Now that iTunes allows you to flip through your album covers and my iPod can display the cover art, I’ve used the iTunes store to add the cover art, but if you don’t have a credit card or you have music that isn’t available at the iTunes store, you have to add artwork manually. Since I had a lot of albums without cover art, I was happy to find Tunesleeve. Tunesleeve will search for each of albums and let you choose the best cover and save it to your iTunes database. Not really essential software as I don’t use it often, but it has save me a lot of work.

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2006 Music

# +/- – Let’s Build A Fire *
# Aaron Schroeder – Southern Heart In Western Skin *
# Beck – The Information
# Carbon Dating Service – Carbon Dating Service
# Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – Etiquette *
# Eric Bachman – To The Races
# Junior Boys – So This Is Goodbye *
# The Lemonheads – The Lemonheads
# Limbeck – Let Me Come Home *
# The Long Winters – Putting the Days to Bed
# Lucero – Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers *
# The Pernice Brothers – Live a Little
# Portastic – Be Still Please
# Margo and the Nuclear So and So’s – The Dust of Retreat *
# Rocky Votolato – Makers *
# Small Sins – Small Sins *
# Tokyo Police Club – A Lesson In Crime *

2006 was a good year for music for me. I’ve never been good at ordering them in an absolute order so I opted for alphabetical. Any entry in the list with an asterisk means it is a new band for me.

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Rez' for 20 at Pizza Hut

I took my class on a field trip to do some Christmas Shopping. We did a Christmas box exchange and I worried that some of them would not be able to go into town to do the shopping. I didn’t want them to have to do their shopping at the gas station, so we went to Lloydminster to shop.

We made a reservation for lunch at Pizza Hut for the buffet. Because the reservation was for the buffet, we did not receive menus. A few people decided that they did not want the buffet so they went to the front to ask for menus.

When the Educational Assistant asked for menus, the waitress asked if they were from the reservation. Because we were from a First Nations reserve, there was some confusion. The EA was a little puzzled and didn’t understand why it would matter if we were from a reservation. So she said “pardon me?” and the waitress asked it she was with the reserved tables in the corner.

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NPR Story of the Day

*The dog who liked to suck on a toad*

bq. A dog may be man’s best friend. But one dog, Lady, decided she needed more friends — and she found plenty in the knot of toads living near the local pond. A suburban family’s secret struggle with an uncommon addiction comes to light in this personal essay by NPR’s Laura Mirsch.

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A new kind of security company?

The last few weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time with a couple people. I might spend a lot of time with them, but I don’t talk to them much because I usually have my iPod on and I’m listening to music, a podcast or watching The Daily Show. If I did listen and talk more, I might have to do something that I think might be done better by others. Let me give you a couple examples.

Example 1: Hypothetically, If when I’m at home and roommate #1 is away, roommate #2 asks where roommate #1 is or visa-versa I should not be sad because my roommates do not ask me where I am. They don’t need to ask where I am because they are talking to me. If they did I might think they were crazy.

Example 2: Some school grounds have a lot of gopher holes. I’m sure everyone has stepped into one and fallen down. It could be quite hazardous, but if someone where to fall down because of a hole and jump right back up, you shouldn’t have to ask them if they are okay. I would assume that the fact that they are walking again means that questions would be unnecessary. To some people, I would be wrong.

I know I have my own insecurities, but it seems as though some people obsess over why people aren’t thinking of them all the time. For these people there needs to be a new security company that can be called to provide emotional backup. I know I can’t do it.

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Once You Learn How To Ride A Bike

P.S. Yes I’m aware that she is riding her bike on the sidewalk and should be on the road, but at least she isn’t “vandalizing handrails”:http://www.pastpending.com/journal/641/1994-two-vcrs-and-a-patch-cable#comment-000146.

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BMX Road Trip 2006 Day Three

After checking out of the hotel, we decided to drive an hour north to checkout the “Westlock Skatepark”:http://www.spectrum-sk8.com/parks/alberta/westlock.html. As we got closer the sky started to get darker, but we kept driving. It was raining pretty hard by the time we got there and Pat was feeling pretty bad because it was his idea. We decided to wait for a while because Eric felt it would clear up soon and once it did they went to the community center to borrow some brooms. It wasn’t long before it was dry and people were riding. Westlock has a great park with a lot of lines I really wanted to ride. I wanted to ride, but I felt too sore from riding the past two days, or so I thought. I got my bike out and rode for a few minutes but couldn’t even pull up on the bars and realized that yesterday when I fell, I hurt my shoulder. It felt the same as last September when I tore my rotator cuff, but not nearly as bad. I put down the pick and picked up the video camera.

After Westlock we grabbed some supper and headed for home. We listened to a lot of comedy to pass the time. If you ever need to travel with a group of people, comedy is easier to agree on than music.

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BMX Road Trip 2006 Day Two

Because Eric didn’t get to go to the race track, he called for a wake up call for 6:30 AM so he could go ride before they opened. However the early long long drive to Edmonton and riding three skateparks may have tired everyone out a little too much for an early wakeup call.

We did get ready an were ready to leave by 8:30 AM, but when we went down to the van it was empty. We left the bikes in the van and Rob thought it would be funny to hid the bikes in his room. I didn’t really believe that they were gone plus I have insurance so I wasn’t too worried, however I would have been a little disappointed if I couldn’t ride for the rest of the trip. After we packed up the bikes we were still able to get to Street Justice by 9:00 AM and ride for 2 hours before the contest started.

I planned on video taping everyone from Saskatoon, however I forgot to check the battery on the video camera the night before and I should have charged it.

There were 19 heats with four or five people and I was in the 18th heat so it was a long wait in the hot sun. I didn’t see it happen but during the 12th heat someone was pedaling across the course and put his foot down. When I looked up I saw that his lower leg was bent out and his foot was twisted in a way that I thought his shoe had fallen off. I wish his shoe had fallen off, because it was very disturbing to see. I am glad I didn’t have to ride in the next heat because seeing something like that did not get me pumped up to ride. I know every time I ride there is a risk of hurting myself, but he wasn’t even doing anything when it happened. I’ve seen less dangerous events have medical staff or even an ambulance waiting and I was sure they had someone there last year, but this poor guy had to wait for 10 minutes for an ambulance to arrive.

My run was in the 18th heat and it was terrible. During practice I had all my tricks dialed and ready, but after standing in the sun and waiting, I couldn’t seem to do anything. After I pulled my first trick (tailtap to icepick) I tried a 360 nosepick on the spine and fell. Later on I realized that it was probably my shoulder that I hurt in the fall that prevented me from pulling anything else.

During the Pro runs I saw another injury and again there was no ambulance. A guy tried a double foot plant on the wall that was at least 8 feet above a five foot ramp. He came down and hung up. He got up and rather than counting his blessing, he tried it again. The trick was beyond his abilities and should have stopped while he was ahead. The second time, he fell and hit is head. He was knocked out and was unconscious for a few minutes. Again we had to wait for an ambulance to arrive. This time a fire truck came and an ambulance. One of the fire fighters asked why he hadn’t been wearing a helmet, but I think once he saw where he had fallen from he understood that he as wearing a helmet, but a skate helmet doesn’t do much for you. The fire truck stayed around until the end, but I think it might have been because they wanted to see the rest of the riding.

Mike Atkin won again this year, but I don’t think he should have won. His run was as good as last year, but it wasn’t any different that last year either. It looked like he didn’t expect to win either when his name was called.

After 12 hours at the contest in the hot sun, it was time to go back to the hotel and call it a day.

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BMX Road Trip 2006 Day One

As I mentioned earlier, our plan was to leave for Edmonton at 4:00 AM. I got home from Neko Case and went to bed at 1:00 AM with the alarm clock set for 3:30 AM.

When I bought groceries for the trip, I grabbed a Monster energy drink, because a friend of mine said that they help wake him up. I drank the Monster while I got ready and waited for my ride. I have to say it was gross and it didn’t help me wake up at all.

We drove through the rain and I think the van even hydroplaned a couple times, but Eric managed to keep it between the lines. Though with the rain and the wind, the van did sway a lot and it made it impossible to sleep. I took one picture in the van and then the battery light came on. I left the charger at home to save space. I will later discover that dead batteries will be a theme of the trip.

So with two hours of sleep we arrived at Castledowns Skatepark. Castledowns might have been good, but because of my brakes and lack of sleep, I didn’t enjoy it at all. I had to take my back brake apart and sand my pads down. After all of this they still didn’t work but at least the pads were making contact properly and I could slow down. I think the biggest problem after getting my gyro set up was the film of junk on my rims due to being on a bike rack in the rain for 600 km.

After we rode for a while at Castledowns, we put some of the bikes in the back of the van and put the the rest of them in the van through the side door. Because of the luggage and the bike we decided to check into a hotel before we drove around too much more. We drove more than a block before we realized that the back door was open. We drove back to check for lost luggage but were lucky and didn’t loose anything.

The Travelodge had a $10 discount for Street Justice riders we got a room with a fridge, microwave and two queen size beds. Eric, Shawn and I were checking in and I asked if there was a charge for extra poeople and they said it was $10 per person, so before She could charge us for three people, I asked if Shawn counted because he was only 13 years old. I also forgot to mention the 3 other people waiting in the van.

In the afternoon we went to “Mill Woods Skatepark”:http://www.spectrum-sk8.com/parks/alberta/millwoods.html and things started to improve. Mill Woods has a great bowl with hips all over the place. My brakes were finally working and the sun was shining. I didn’t do too much at this park but I did pull a perfect icepick to fakie.

After spending the afternoon at Mill Woods we went to 1664 and signed up for the contest. I wish I could ride the Street justice ramps everyday. There was a perfect 4 1/2 foot spine, a 6 foot quarter pipe and a huge step up with a rail and a bowled corner. We signed up before many other people showed up so we could ride before it got too crowded. If I had a ramp like the 6 foot in my backyard, I would probably never be seen at our skatepark again. I was able to pull icepick to toothpicks the first time and learned tailtap to icepick as well.

Because I was enjoying the ramps, I stayed at 1664 while the everyone else went to hop the fence and ride the race track. I rode for another 45 minutes before it started to rain very hard. The lightning was so close that the thunder was banging less than a second after seeing the lightning.

I waited in the warehouse while I waited for the rest of the guys to come back and pck me up. Fortunately it rained on them too so I didn’t have to wait too long.

By this time it was 9:00 PM and we went back to the hotel and picked up some food at the superstore next door to the hotel.

We went to bed pretty early, but it had been a long day.

Stay posted for more.

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