Start Fresh and Stop Hiding

I’ve had many websites in the past ten years, but always tried to stay anonymous. I didn’t hide the site from friends and family, but as a teacher I always worried about students and co-workers finding my site. I’m not sure why I worried because it’s just a fact that if you post something online, it’s there for anyone that wants to find it and I always posted with that in mind. This may be the reason my previous site became so neglected that even my wife removed her bookmark to my old site.

So, After many years of writing about things that happen to me, I’ve decided to change things a bit and start with a clean slate. I’m always helping friends and family with their technology problems and have recently started using a mac most of the time, so I have lots of advice for myself and others that I can share and post for future reference. I had recently added a podcast to share great songs and interesting snippets of other podcasts. I will definitely continue to post audio, but it will take some time before I set things up and workout an efficient workflow. Finally, what website would be complete without links to all the popular daily links.

I’m hoping that a fresh start will give me the push to start posting again and that this won’t be the first and last entry.

Scott Woods-Fehr

P.S. expect to see the site go through temporary changes as I set things up and find the right theme.

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