MediaPortal: MP-TVSeries

I tried a few different software packages including Windows Media Center and MythTV before I settled on MediaPortal. There were a few reasons why I chose MediaPortal over the others including a balance between ease of use and installation and the ability to customize the installation. The factor that really decided it for me was the MP-TVSeries plugin.

MP-TVSeries will scan a folder for TV shows and organize your shows by series, and season. The real advantage is that MP-TVSeries gathers information from “The TV DB”: so that the interface can give you series and episode information.

MP-TVSeries has been developed for long time an is on version 2 now so it’s stable and has a lot of features. If you use your computer to watch television shows, consider giving MP-TVSeries a try.

TV Series Banners and Information

TV Episode Information

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