MediaPortal: My Smart Playlists

Since I started using “MediaPortal”: nearly two years ago, I wished there was a way to play a playlist of random music. The problem was the library was too large to load the whole library and shuffle. Thankfully someone was good enough to make “MySmartPlaylists”:

With MySmartPlaylists you can make smart playlists like can with iTunes or Winamp. Well sort of like you make a playlist with iTunes. MySmartPlaylists is still in its early stages so it’s not very user friendly yet. To make a new playlist you have to edit an XML file with SQL statements[1]. Fortunately, with a few sample playlists you can probably figure out how to make more.

In the past two weeks since MySmartPlaylists was first released there have been two updates and features are being added, so maybe someday it will become more user friendly.

fn1. Sample playlist to play 30 random songs added in the last 2 weeks: @@

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