2007 Podcasts

  • This American Life This American Life started to podcast their show near the end of 2006. Episodes take a theme and uses stories and interviews to explore the theme. This show got me through a lot of long carpool drives.
  • CBC Spark Former DNTO host Nora Young has a new show that explores tech trends and fresh ideas.
  • CBC Search Engine
  • RadioLab
  • CBC Wiretap CBC still has not added Wiretap to their large selection of podcasts yet. So until that happens, there is the unofficial supernintendochalmers feed. My only complaint is that it is limited to 32 kbs bitrate. Update: Wiretap now has an official podcast.
  • CBC DNTO I don’t seem to listen to the radio Saturday afternoons so it is great to be able to listen to the non-musical portions of DNTO when I have the time.
  • CBC Q I don’t listen to every episode of The Q podcast, but it’s a good way to listen to a show that I used to be able to catch on my drive home.
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