Rez' for 20 at Pizza Hut

I took my class on a field trip to do some Christmas Shopping. We did a Christmas box exchange and I worried that some of them would not be able to go into town to do the shopping. I didn’t want them to have to do their shopping at the gas station, so we went to Lloydminster to shop.

We made a reservation for lunch at Pizza Hut for the buffet. Because the reservation was for the buffet, we did not receive menus. A few people decided that they did not want the buffet so they went to the front to ask for menus.

When the Educational Assistant asked for menus, the waitress asked if they were from the reservation. Because we were from a First Nations reserve, there was some confusion. The EA was a little puzzled and didn’t understand why it would matter if we were from a reservation. So she said “pardon me?” and the waitress asked it she was with the reserved tables in the corner.

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