Plagerism and Sodomy

Last week in Arts class I demonstrated different shading techniques and wanted my students to use hatching, cross-hatching and stippling to make a value scale of 10 progressively darker boxes. Some students needed to see my sample up close so I photocopied my sample and distributed the pages to students that needed them.

After I handed them out, I realized that unless I looked closely, the photocopy looked like an original and I wished I had added a watermark. I wasn’t the only one to think this because within minutes a student jokingly tried to pass it off as his. He told me he was kidding and said he knew that would be cheating. He struggled to find the right word for it and started out saying, “plag… plager no that doesn’t sound right. Sod… sodo”. I then tried to help him and said, “are you thinking of plagiarism?” he said, “no isn’t it sodomy?”

I tried to hold back a laugh while having to convince him that it wasn’t sodomy, but plagiarism.

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