The I.T. Crowd

Roy: Yeah, you do know how a button works, don’t you? No, not on clothes. No, there you go, I just heard it come on. No, that’s the music you hear when it comes on. No, that’s the music you hear when… I’m sorry, are you from the past?

I don’t normally write -anything- about television shows, but I’ve watch the first 4 episodes of this new British comedy about a group of anti-social nerds stuck in the basement of a large company’s office building and I find it entertaining because I can relate.

Every call down to their office starts with “have you tried turning it off and on again” or asking if the computer is plugged in. I can relate to these silly questions, because I’m the one everyone goes to with their problems. It would be useful if people were more specific with their problems rather than saying, “the printer doesn’t work”. In the past few weeks, we have had printer problems, but there is nothing wrong with the printer. What it really means is that the computer they are trying to use did not have Microsoft Word installed, Adobe Acrobat installed or they have logged in with a student account that does not have a printer installed.

If you’re interested in watching The I.T. Crowd, you can stream the episodes from the BBC website, or if you want to watch it in your living room, try some other websites.

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  1. Chris Fehr says:

    I thought I’d give it a try now that I have the new computer (thanks for the advice) but it won’t let you download outside of the UK.(