BMX Road Trip 2005

*Sunday, July 17^th^, 2005*
We left at approximately 9:30 AM and I was immediately sure we were going to spend a lot of time being lost. Our meeting point was in a parking lot on 8th Street and could have turned left and went down 8th. Instead we turned right and drove North 3 blocks, West 4 blocks and then back South 3 blocks. It turned out that Pat is like a human map and could tell you where to find anything.

We went to “Millenium Park”: almost as soon as we got into Calgary and quickly realized how bumpy the transitions. We went street riding in the downtown in the evening. I haven’t ridden downtown Calgary in about 13 years so it was fun to see ledges, banks and rails that I rode confidently 13 years ago, come back to beat me. After riding downtown we ended up at the skatepark again.

*Monday, July 18^th^, 2005**
We rode in Calgary again. After more complaining about the bumpy transitions at Millennium we were told to pretend we had found the best street obstacles ever and be happy about it. Still made me wish I had suspension. After riding Millennium we went to a small skatepark in some west end suburb. It was actually a lot of fun until the security guards told us they weren’t insured for bikes and made us leave. Eric’s French accent was entertaining enough to make up for getting booted out. I also pulled my first 540 tailtap to nosepick in years at this little park.

We also rode at the BMX track and I did a few tables over the doubles in the blowing wind. After supper we went back out to an industrial area to ride some loading docks and banks but I stayed off my bike since my bruised heel was very sore after hitting it numerous times.

*Tuesday, July 19^th^, 2005*
We decided that though Mellinium park was large, the parks in Edmonton looked much better. We drove to Edmonton and rode both Kaskitayo and Mill Woods.

*Wednesday, July 20^th^, 2005 and Thursday, July 21^st^, 2005*
We rode both parks both days, but because of my brusied heel and the fact that I don’t usually ride all day, everyday, I spent most of Thursday watching other riders.

*Friday, July 22^nd^, 2005*
Hung out at the skatepark early in the day and then went back to the apartment to rest. Rode the Street Justice course in the evening. I didn’t ride too much because I felt like I was wasting everyone’s time, bt it was nice to ride some wooden ramps again.

*Saturday, July 23^rd^, 2005*
Rode in a jam with 3 other people for about 10 minutes and watched the contest for the rest of the day. We could have stayed for the afterparty at some bar, but instead decided to drive home after the contest. We didn’t actually leave the city until 12:30 AM because we couldn’t find a Subway to eat at and had to drive across town to pick up Aaron’s stuff. The drive wasn’t too bad and we were home by 6:00 AM.

* I’ll definitely go again next year, but a week on the road with a bruised heel 2 days after having my wisdom teeth removed was a bit too much. Next year I’ll go long enough to ride the local parks and the contest.
* “Safety Gear Nah” is just an ironic t-shirt waiting to happen when the medics have to cut it off you.
* “Hey, your sister wants her pants back.” There were guys at the skatepark with girl pants that were so tight they could not zip them up.

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One Response to BMX Road Trip 2005

  1. Chris says:

    Doesn’t seem like a proper BMX road trip unless you had to stop to fix the van er I mean car. Driving through the night gives it enough cred though!