These are my “URL ABCs”:http://www.defectiveyeti.com/archives/001267.html. Maybe you’ll find something interesting.

* *A is for “Act Up in Sask”:http://www.actupinsask.org/:* The new Saskatchewan activist network website.
* *B is for “Btefnet”:http://www.btefnet.net/:* In an attempt to ween myself off television, I am only going to download shows I really want to watch.
* *C is for “CBC”:http://www.cbc.ca/sask/:* it’s no secret, I like CBC.
* *D is for “Del.icio.us”:http://del.icio.us/popular/:* Shh don’t tell anyone I can’t spell delicious. For those that don’t know, it’s just a place to find out what people are linking.
* *E is for “Exclaim”:http://www.exclaim.ca/:* I read this free Canadian music paper in print mostly but it’s handy to check out new issues before I can pick one up.
* *F is for “Textpattern Forum”:http://forum.textpattern.com/:* Textpattern is going to reach version 1.0 any month now.
* *G is for “Greg MacPherson”:http://www.gregmacpherson.com/:* one of my favourite musicians.
* *H is for “Hicks Design”:http://www.hicksdesign.co.uk/journal/:* Lots of browser news.
* *I is for “Internet For Classrooms”:http://www.internet4classrooms.com/on-line.htm:* I used this site for a few lesson plan ideas.
* *J is for “Jaredigital”:http://www.jaredigital.com/:* He sues Textpattern and it’s also my only listing for J.
* *K is for “KEXP Radio”:http://www.kexp.org/:* I need to listen to their radio sessions more often.
* *L is for “Department of Learning”:http://www.learning.gov.sk.ca/:* Department of learning has always sounded like it was taken from Orwell’s 1984. What kind of teacher wouldn’t have a link to the curriculum guides.
* *M is for “My Episodes”:http://www.myepisodes.com/:* After you setup an account, you choose your favourite shows and it will list when there are new episodes.
* *N is for “Nike Considered Shoes”:http://www.nike.com/nikebiz/nikeconsidered/:* Environmentally conscious shoes from Nike? Probably still made in a sweatshop.
* *O is for “Oink”:http://oink.me.uk/:* Um a place to get stuff.
* *P is for “Pitchfork Media”:http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/:* They hate almost everything, but that’s okay it’s cool to hate music I guess.
* *Q is for “Que Sera Sera”:http://queserasera.org/archives/000888.html:* I guess this is why I think it’s important that I teach a few basic design principles to my students.
* *R is for “Official Ani Difranco Bootlegs”:http://www.righteousbabe.com/ani/bootleg/:* I prefer Ani’s solo work, so these are a good thing.
* *S is for “Shtuff”:http://www.shtuff.us/weblog/:* A fellow Textpattern user, with a very nice redesign.
* *T is for “The Paperbacks”:http://www.thepaperbacks.com/:* I’m finally going to see The Paperbacks play live.
* *U is for “Ubuntu Linux”:http://ubuntulinux.org/:* I really want to use Linux, but since I can’t get my TV-Out and Internet at school, I will have to stick with WinXP.
* *V is for “VegWEB”:http://vegweb.com/recipes/salad/6635.shtml:* I think this is the Asian salad we took to a potluck recently, but I might be wrong since I was only a prep cook.
* *W is for “Winnipeg Folk Festival”:http://www.winnipegfolkfestival.ca/:* I think it rains every year during the folk festival, but that’s okay.
* *X is for?*
* *Y is for “Yonkis”:http://www.yonkis.com/mediaflash/cursor.swf:* You better move fast or he’s going to catch your cursor.
* *Z is for “ZedTV”:http://www.zed.cbc.ca/:* I didn’t think I would even have an entry for Z.

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3 Responses to URL ABCs

  1. andy says:

    why is r for ani?

  2. scott says:

    because she’s a righteous babe 😉

  3. I’m suing Textpattern?