The End Is…

It’s hard to read articles like “The Long Emergency”: without feeling very pessimistic. If this was the only article I’ve seen that discusses the end of cheap energy, it would be easy to ignore. I know there are are a lot of people that don’t want to believe that every aspect of our current civilization is on the verge of a huge shift, but very thing we do relies on cheap energy.

I try to do what I can, but I know that I haven’t done anything that has really inconvenienced myself.

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One Response to The End Is…

  1. Chris says:

    Should be an interesting show to watch from my fortified cabin in the mountians. Current technoligy and infastructure, maps they didn’t have a 100 years ago, some form of road across almost every part of the world, great advances in knoledge and science, left over environmental problems we didn’t get time to fix, neuclear weapons around the world loaded with rocket fuel only needing a solar panel to work the computers, temporary overpopulation of people and underpopulation of animals and plants, a few international wars until power slows down and then civil war until id dies further and a machine gun is no good unless you have a factory making bulets somewhere….

    I think the predictions are a bit early, see McKenzie pipeline postponed indefinetaly and there is no saying that the Northern 1/3 of Alberta can’t be turned into a gigantic albeit not so profitable mine.