Needful Things

I drove past a store yesterday called eBay Toys. The store has closed down now, so I can only guess what service they provided. My guess is that they helped people find rare toys by using the services of eBay.

This store made me think of the book/movie, “Needful Things” (aren’t all of Stephen King’s novels just first draft film manuscripts anyway?). In Needful Things, the store owner sells very rare toys and other nostalgic items to patrons in exchange for a small favour. Each small favour caused trouble for another town resident. In the end all the member of the town are fighting and the store owner hits the road[1].

I then thought that this books premise could never seem realistic now since people can get any rare item they have ever longed for through eBay. Now this might be where I started to get paranoid, but what if eBay is like the Needful Things store? Maybe they haven’t implemented the ‘little favour’ _yet_, but it might be just around the corner.

They might start to say that you can waive shipping fees, if your could just do one little thing.

fn1. This is what I remember anyway since it’s been many years since I read the book.

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