I feel like Howard Hughes

Since I started boarding here in North Battleford, I’ve complained that it’s not the cleanest house. I would do more cleaning, but since others will mess things up again within hours, it feels pointless. i just try to stay in my room and reduce contact with their towels and kitchen items.I know I’ve become a bit of a reclusive, but I fear things may get worse.

Today while I was cooking, they were telling me about the terrible flu that everyone has. I knew one person was sick last week already but now the other boarder has become so sick he went to the hospital today. I can’t afford to get sick, I fear the idea of feeling too sick to go in and yet still having to plan for a substitute teacher.

To make matters worse, the renovations are still in progress, so I have no shower for tomorrow morning.

I’m afraid I might start wearing kleenex boxes as slippers, but I’m sure all of their boxes are infested with germs.

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2 Responses to I feel like Howard Hughes

  1. JoshZ says:

    As long as you dont start making preparations for the “Saskatoon Moose” a plane made from plywood that will revolutionize the world, OR start a Leo Duhcaprio website…I wouldnt worry 😉

  2. Dave Levy says:


    You need to blow that scene, or start laying down the heavy hand, want me to come out there and enforce for you?

    dirt cheap, mame one of them and the rest will scatter like rats