Welcome Wagon?

Yesterday was the big moving day. Without the help of my wife, I’d still be unpacking. Because we had two cars here and I only have a small driveway, we had to park one car on the street. It’s not a very wide street, so I wasn’t sure if it was a parking spot, but it’s also not too busy.

One of the other teachers lives two doors down, so I was going over to ask him a question. As I was walking back I watched as an old lady pulled up behind our car and placed a piece of paper under the windshield wiper. I figured the note was either a warning for parking on the street or welcome note. I know the welcome note seemed unlikely, but I couldn’t imagine a 65 year old lady would be responsible for the town’s parking enforcement.

As she was walking back to her car, I tried to introduce myself and find out what the note was about. I didn’t actually get to introduce myself because she interrupted me to say, “We try to keep a tidy town and don’t appreciate it when people through garbage out on the street”. Apparently, she saw our car drive by her house and throw garbage out the window. I explained that I had just moved in today and described the path I took driving into town, and explained that that had been several hours ago. I looked over the note to see what it said and handed it back. I did notice that the note did not bother to include her name. My front door was open and it looked pretty obvious that someone was home. She was hoping to leave an anonymous note under my wiper and forever drive by my house thinking about that terrible litterbug. I was fortunate enough to see her do it and defend myself, but I think she still doubted me. After I handed the note back, she just said, “oh” and walked back to her car.

I sure hope she wasn’t the local welcome wagon.

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