Making Friends

This week the boss put up a memo with some policy changes.

Our dress code requires that employees wear black socks. Most employees don’t wear black socks because their not seen. At the last meeting he said we were to wear black socks, and I did at first, but realized how I was the only one and nobody sees my socks anyway.

The boss has now implemented a policy that all employees not wearing black socks have to pay him one dollar. This isn’t the first time he has decided that labour laws don’t apply to him. If the store is slow and he has overstaffed, he sends people home, even if they have only worked an hour and a half. Legally he has to pay for three hours, but he doesn’t. Employees have to do the cashout on our own time. If I work till 8:30 I have to do my cashout after 8:30. I wonder how he would react if I took my money home to do my cash later when I have free time? Instead I try to do most of my cash in the car before I finish my shift.

I’m pretty sure that everyone thinks the new sock policy is stupid, but think there isn’t much they can do about it.

I wanted to see what others thought so I asked one of the employees if he was wearing black socks and he said he never does and he didn’t even have black stripes on his sock today. I told him that the boss had put me in charge of collecting the money from white sock rebels. I was sure that he would be able to tell that I was joking, but he believed me.

I’m sure I could think of better ways to make friends at work than going around making people pull up their pant legs.

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One Response to Making Friends

  1. Chris says:

    Can you track the infractions and report them after you quite?