Last week I found out that the boss at work hides pennies in various places to see if employees clean obscure nooks and crannies. I mentioned this to my wife because it seemed so ridiculous, but completely like something he would do.

A couple days later, my wife mentioned that there was a reward for each nickel I found when dusting the house. It was a lie, but it worked. I dusted more thoroughly than I ever have before, but found no nickels. I was conned.

I guess next time I’ll have to just say that I dusted to make up for this last time.

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One Response to Dust

  1. ewok says:

    That reminded me of a boss I had who would leave a note on the office desk directing us to do a task (cleaning etc.) Once we had gone to the spot we had to clean, there was another note directing us to another task, and so on. All we did was go round, collect the notes, and got on with the proper work.