My Eyes Are Going To Explode

I’ve been helping a friend set up an online bookstore for all your radical reading needs. His current site lists all his products, but it wan’t setup with any ecommerce software.

I’ve taken all the books, videos and cds and stripped all the tags. Now I’m taking all the titles, descriptions, prices and categories and formatted it so that I can parse teh files through a custom script that will enter them all into the database. I’m pretty impressed with how fast and easy it is to enter books once the data is formatted, but the formatting is going to kill me.

There are a couple hundred entries to process and each one starts like this:
Weapons in Space
Karl Grossman
Seven Stories Press
80pp – $10.00
Karl Grossman explains …

And with a little keyboard acobatics, I make it look like this:

<title>No More Prisons: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Community Activism</title>
<p><strong>No More Prisons: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Community Activism</strong><br />
by William Upski Wimsatt
<p><strong>Publisher:</strong> Soft Skull Press<br />
180 pages</p>
<p>Winner of the 2000 Firecracker Alternative Book Award for Best Book, Politics.</p></desc>

I know it looks fun, but it’s not and all I can say is I really feel sorry for the data entry person that had to clean up Steve Bezos code before Amazon went online.

I’ll provide a link when it’s finally online.

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