Use Protection

Castlegar opened a skatepark last weekend. The park was being used for more than a week before the grand opening. Some workers would welcome poeple to ride and skate and others would repeat “next Saturday” to any question you asked. It just depended who was there working on it. I went a couple times before it opened, and rode with my open-face protect hemet the first time. The whole time I was there I thought about the fact that I don’t have dental coverage and I’m pretty sure my memory is affected by a crash years ago.

The second time I went to ride the concrete park, I wore my full-face hemet. I feel much better knowing that if when I fall, I can slide on my kneepads, gloves and if my head hits the ground, I’m wearing a helmet that will help to protect my brain and teeth. I hate spitting out chicklets especially when they cost several hundred dollars to replace.

I have yet to see any skateboarders wear a helmet at the park. It’s unsupervised so there are no rules that state you have to wear a helmet, only that you should. Before the skatepark was even officially open, someone fell in the bowl and lost four teeth. Other kids laugh about how foolish the kid with no teeth is because that obviously will never happen to them. If I was a parent I would insist that a helmet and kneepads must be worn. I’m not sure if the parent of the toothless kid got the same message from the accident. The mother came to the park the other day to take photographs for her lawsuit.

Am I missing something. The kid was using a ramp the way it was intended to be used, it wasn’t defective and the park wasn’t officially open to the public yet. Oh right, plus he wan’t wearing any safety equipment. It ony seems logical that someone else is to blame.

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3 Responses to Use Protection

  1. Chris says:

    I’m surprised they are opening so many parks your way with insurance going the way it is. People just get too tempted by the free money and as a bonus she doesn’t feel bad about not buying her kid a helmet. Then again I didn’t always wear a helmet when I was riding, some things will be learned the hard way.

  2. meagan says:

    Why do you feel you are so righteous?

  3. Sean says:

    The skatepark in San Ramon (concrete) has posted regulations that proper equipment must be worn. It is unsupervised as well, and I am sure there is some small print/by-laws that direct liability to the user.