If I need to get a wheel alignment done to my car, I can look in the yellow pages under automotive repair. If I suddenly thought I needed fish to make my home more lively, I can look up pets and find a few options. Where do you look in the yellow pages for Wal-Mart? Maybe they should have their own section that lists their services. You could browse through Wal-Marts green pages the same way people used to use the yellow pages. Wal-Mart’s green pages could even include a map to all the sections.

Why do you need three independent book stores when you can get all the best sellers from Wal-Mart? Why not buy your fish at the Wal-Mart while you go to buy tooth paste? Wal-mart is making yellow pages unnecessary and I am sure that the yellow pages are slowly getting smaller. Someday, I’ll need another wheel alignment and when I look through the yellow pages for automotive, it will just say, “check the green pages for a Wal-Mart location near you”.

I wonder if the Government’s blue pages are going to be invaded by the green pages? Currently, British Columbia is privatizing as many money making ventures they can. The Coquihalla. is being offered up for a 55 year lease. The Coquihalla initially charged a toll to offset the cost of construction. Who wants to be the private “owner” will remove the toll anytime in the next 55 years? Ten years after Alberta moved to a privatized alcohol sales, many studiers have shown negative effects. It’s now more difficult to find a wide variety to choose from, but it is easier for youth to purchase alcohol, though the cost may have increase 10-20%.

How long will it be before the money losing ones like education, health and parks are sold?

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