Broke Social Scene – You Forget It In People

You may have missed it, but Avril Lavigne did not win everything at the 2003 Juno Awards. Best Alternative Album went to Toronto’s Broken Social Scene. Part of a collective or “family” called Arts & Crafts; Broken Social Scene includes painters, writers, and musicians. The “family” includes a revolving cast of 15 members. Drawing from their experiences in such bands as Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, Stars, Do Make Say Think, Treble Charger, A Silver Mt. Zion, hHead, By Divine Right, and Mascott, the results are unpredictable, yet cohesive.

If You Forget It In People was just going to sound like another Treble Charger or Do Make Say Think album, what would be the point? If the purpose of the collective was to write innovative pop music, the band is succeeding. Because of the fluid membership, each song sounds different. From the understated banjos in “Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl” to the groovy bass-driven “Shampoo Suicide” the album offers a delicious menu. The diverse sounds on the album give You Forget It in People the feel of a label compilation disc, without the disjointed flow that plagues most compilations. This is a necessary addition to any indie-pop collection.

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