Uncharted Stars

I got my call the other day. I will soon be a radio host again. As I drove our very large moving truck over Ripple Mountain I was listening to a story on CBC about someone that looked into his telescope every night to find uncharted stars. While driving the truck, I scribbled an nearly illegible note to myself to remember “Uncharted Stars”. I thought it was a perfect name for the program I was proposing to the Kootenay Coop Radio Station.

Starting April 22nd I will be hosting a weekly show called Uncharted Stars. I plan on playing newly released and yet to be released music. I’m really excited to be doing a program again. To anyone interested, I will make the programs available on my site as soon as I start broadcasting.

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One Response to Uncharted Stars

  1. griff says:

    excellent name, best of luck!