I don’t know why I procrastinate, but it takes me weeks to get a haircut. I know it needs to be cut, but dread getting it done.

There is a salon down the street from our new house called Chatters. I can’t imagine getting my hair cut at a place called Chatters. I like to go to a hair dresser and answer questions about my hair, and possibly agree that, “yes my hair is very thick”. I’m just not a chatty person.

Yesterday I finally took the plunge and got my haircut. I’m new to the area and there is no Ultracuts (the McDonald’s of haircare), so I just tried a random place. I got lucky. The other Hairdresser spent half an hour telling her client about her recent experiences with the bank. My hairdresser had a cold and didn’t want to breath on me so she didn’t’ talk too much. She even appolgized for being so quiet. How do you tell someone, that you are glad they didn’t talk too much? I just said, “that’s okay”.

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2 Responses to Haircut

  1. Chris says:

    I feel the same way, I’ve gone a year in the past and now find when I get a hair cut I’m constantly flattered by coworkers who have noticed. I’ve just given up and Virginia agreed to tell me when it is time.

  2. andrea says:

    i am a hairdresser, and i work for ultracuts. why does it have the rep of being mcdonald’s haircuts. everybody goes to the same schools. Just cause we charge less, doesn’t mean that you’re getting less. I’ve worked at about five different salons in about 3 years, and my pay is always the same. not even close to min. wage. also, do people expect us not to talk to them. I am a very friendly person, outspoken sometimes, but people like that where i live, so just cause of you crusty people out there, us hairdressers go home ever day crusty also because of you!