Am I Mandrake Enough?

I’ve toyed with the idea of using Linux. Now that I have extra computers, I thought I should try Linux. Yesterday I downloaded Mandrake 9.0 and installed it on a second partition of our second computer.

Installation wasn’t that bad, though I had to take a few leaps resulting in me wondering if my Windows partition would still be functional. Once the installation finished I was given the boot screen to choose between Windows and Mandrake. I booted into Linux and it wasn’t too bad, I even got the internet connection from my Windows server to work. Linux is impressive for a free operating system, but I don’t think Linux is ready for me or I’m ready for Linux. I’m going to keep it, but there are many obstacles I need to overcome before I would feel comfortable with a Linux based operating system.

Mandrake came with the Konqueror browser. I thought that since Mozilla is available for Linux, I might feel more comfortable with a more familiar browser. After I finally logged in with my root account and received warnings that this was unsafe, i was able to untar (is that the proper term?) the installer from the command prompt and install Mozilla. I can just imagine my dad having to install Mozilla. Sorry Dad, but I’m sure you would agree.

I’ve spent the past seven years becoming familiar with the way Windows stores files, installs programs and even crashes. if I lose data in Windows, there is a good possibility that I will be able to recover the files. Right now, if anything went wrong in Linux, I would be lost. I’m going to keep Linux installed and continue to experiment with it, but I can’t imagine it becoming my primary operating system for a long time.

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