Don't Eat The Peanut Butter

As I’m sure everyone know, we’re moving this week. It’s a 1300 kilometer drive and Red hates to ride in the car.

Actually she loves to ride in the car, if there is an open door she’ll jump in, and I’m not sure why. She hyperventilates so bad, I’m worried she will pass out. She hasn’t yet, but the longest drive has only been 3 hours. This drive is much longer and I’m worried she might pass out or drive me crazy with her breathing and drooling.

Yesterday we went to the vet and got some drugs to tranquilize her for the trip. We were told that we need to do a trial run to make sure that 25 milligrams is enough.

So this morning we gave here some tiny peanut butter sandwiches and put the pill in the third sandwich. We needed her to try a couple first and trust us.

It took almost an hour and a half before it started to work, and the trial ride in the car seemed better for her. So the drugs will help her for the move, but I feel bad. She has spent the day walking around bumping into things and sleeping. I feel bad because she should be able to trust us, but we’re the ones drugging her.

I wonder if she’ll eat the peanut butter sandwiches on Wednesday? She is really smart, and I know I wouldn’t eat them a second time.

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One Response to Don't Eat The Peanut Butter

  1. steve says:

    narcotics and peanut butter? I’ve tried this before and it took me almost an hour to eat a PB cracker sandwich. I had to use my finger to push the dry mess down my throat. The whole time I was thinking about how some dogs have nearly broken their own necks in the contortions required to lick the PB off the roof of their mouths. I made a promise to never ever give my dog any peanut butter. But I think I helped myself to seconds.