So we watched an interesting documentary about the moose in Newfoundland. initially there were four moose released on the island. Now there are 40,000 born every year. That’s not what I wanted to talk about, but i had to justify the commercial break viewing. Class Reunion, a very typical FOX show was the commercial break show of choice.

There are some good programs on television, but for every Six Feet Under, there are 10 ‘reality shows’. I was drawn in, and found myself watching it the same way some might watch a car accident. The people on the show all graduated in 1992, the same year I did. All the people on the show have titles like the ‘bully’, ‘jock’, ‘geek’, or ‘chubby cheerleader’. I may be wrong, but do people really continue to fit into these stereotypes after school. I have thought about it and I don’t think I even fit into any of these cliques when I was in school.

I can’t imagine that ten years later, people would be walking around with little tags that say ‘office clown’ or ‘the bully’.

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