Stunt Double

Last week I was teaching in a grade ten class. One student was trying to be a disruption to the class. He kept trying to talk to me while I was trying to explain an assignment in the computer room. It seemed to be important to him so I let him ask his question.

bq. “Do you have a twin?”
“No, I don’t. Why do you want to know?”
“I saw someone on tv that looked just like you.”

So I started to wonder what actor I might resemble, but didn’t put too much thought into it.

Then on the weekend, I was at a Steve’s house, and he said something that helped to explain the questions in class. As I’ve mentioned before, I was on the Camilla Scott Show and Steve mentioned he saw tthe episode played again.

I might have to ask him if he saw my twin on the Camilla Scott Show.

*Update:* When I asked him why he asked my if I had a twin, his reason was because I looked like someone he saw in a porn.

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