My dad has a habit

Years ago my dad walked into the house, and placed his coat on the table. Knowing my mom had a fear of mice, he told my mom to look inside it. What may have looked like a mouse was actually just a 6 week-old Chihuahua. Though six weeks is much too early to be taken away from her mother, but my dad was told if the dogs weren’t gone that day they would be dead. My dad took one and gave the other one to my grandfather.

Now, my parents have a Husky. Before my dad brought it home it was doing hard time on death row for killing chickens.

Last month, a dog started hanging around the road construction campsite where my dad works. He heard from people that the dogs owner was abusive to the her when he was drunk, and this was why she wasn’t going home.

They had to pack up the camp soon, so he decided that rather than here trying to survive on her own or going back to an abusive house, he would take her home.

We decided that we might have room in our life for an animal companion that needed a little extra care and attention. If you asked us a few weeks ago if we had a dog, the answer would have been no, and I would have wondered why you would even consider such a notion.

She still flinches when you move too fast around her, something I imagine she will alway do to some extent, but I think she is starting to feel more comfortable.

Look forward to many photos of Red as soon as I can get her to slow down a bit.

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One Response to My dad has a habit

  1. Chris and Virginia says:

    Did it seem ironic that the pup that went to stay with Grampa was ultimatly saved a second time when Dad brought her home and I used ice cream to convince her everything was ok.

    Maybe you should try ice cream with Red, once it warms up.