Two for Tuesday – automobiles

The automotive edition courtesy of Kelly.

# *Tell us a little about the first car you owned/leased/drove — i.e. what it was like, what you loved/hated about it, etc.* The first car I ever owned was given to me by my parents. It was a 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit. I loved it so much I have since owned two more Rabbits and a Jetta. 55 Miles to the gallon, what a horrible way to mislead a young impressionable driver. I could drive 5 hours to my parents for $10.00. Imagine my horror when my brother and I started to drive from Medicine Hat, AB to Chicago, IL in a Ford Granada. The Granada got about 15 miles to the gallon, and I was almost ready to turn around when we had to fill the tank the first time.
# *This is a two part question: first, do you consider yourself a good and/or courteous driver and second, what’s one of your biggest pet peeves with other drivers?* My dad has driven millions of miles, most of it on 18 wheels, so I feel he taught me well. I can parallel park with ease and feel confident in bad weather. I consider myself good driver, but others might not. I was a delivery driver for three years while I was in university. I’m fast delivery driver, this probably does not translate into what others consider a good driver. Though I try to be as courteous as I can, I am a bit aggressive and will just squeeze my car into a lane if my signal light is ignored. That said, I am a driver with a lot of pet peeves. The best part in the movie, The Lost Highway, is when the mobsters drag the guy out of his car and beat him. I will admit that this is horrible, but I mean he WAS tailgating. I don’t agree with beating up drivers, but if someone is too close behind me, I slow down. This is to increase the stopping time the other driver has, not to annoy them, really

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One Response to Two for Tuesday – automobiles

  1. Clark says:

    I had a 94 geo metro that I totally trashed (physically and verbally), but deep inside I LOVED how cheap it was. Not a thing on it that couldn’t be reapired with duct tape.