Maybe we'll grow up before we grow old

Today I’m 28 years old. I know this isn’t really old but there are few things I thought would be different by the time i neared 30.

*I would be able to grow a beard.* I tried to do this at the end of the school year, and failed again. So I can’t grow a beard. At what age can I just admit that my overall amount of hair will decrease, or move to my ears and nose? I appreciate what I can grow, and as a bonus, I can go to work without having to shave everyday. It’s just something my dad can do, so I figured that the adult version of me would be able to grow a beard.

*The music I listen to would be on the oldies station.* I was sure that eventually my music collection would stop growing, I would stop adding new bands to my list of favorites and it would become mellower.

*I would stop being such a smart ass.* Okay, well maybe part of me thought I would always have (or more likely, wish I had) said something witty and or, sarcastic.

Isn’t acne only for teenagers?

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2 Responses to Maybe we'll grow up before we grow old

  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh! Happy Birthday to you! Don’t expect any age sympathy from *me* though 🙂 And btw, you’ve got to wait till 40 before you can retire the Clearasil.

    Hope you had a great day and are enjoying your new “toy”.

  2. Chris and Virginia says:

    We just spent 20 minutes trying to send you this real neat e-card with a turtle chasing after a cake and some cheesy happy birthday music. After the 4th try we thought you’d understand. We even thought up a great little caption, after watching the turtle get outrun by the cake and appoligize for forgetting your birthday you could read “Maybe we should just forget this one and you could stay 27!”

    Happy Birthday
    Chris and Virginia