Because sometimes I can't bring my laptop with me

For a while now, I have made hints that I want a PDA. I use Outlook for all my appointments and contacts so it would be nice to take them with me on a PDA. However, because I have never seen one in use, I did not know what can all be done on a PDA.

When we were in St. John, NB, Dave let me mess around on his Visor Neo. If Andy had seen this occur, she would have been smart to stop me (not that she would). I didn’t realize you could play games and view offline website.

So after seeing how fun and useful it would be to have a Visor, I added a Visor to my wish list. The wish list isn’t an actual written list, it is one thing that I can manage to store in my forgetful mind. Most things stay on this list for quite sometime before the item is purchased (and quickly replaced by a new item). When I say it takes a while for a gadget to move from wish list to my pocket, this is just my perception. I am both impatient and fortunate enough to own more gadgets than my pants’ pockets have room for.

Much to my surprise, less than a week later, I am the proud owner of a blue Visor Neo. It is a birthday gift, but because my wife understand how impatient I am she did not make me wait until August 17 (hint).

*Thank you Andy.*

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