30 Seconds to Fame

So which came first people with no attention span, or shows that cater to people with no attention span?
In case you haven’t seen 30 Seconds to Fame, let me explain. Each person has 30 seconds to perform his or her talent. Some are really amazing while others are very bad, if it is too bad they are stopped before the 30 seconds ends. Most shows with this type of format have an announcer discuss each performer or give background information. This slows the pace of the show, which is okay for me. On 30 Seconds to Fame, there is no break. You go from a man juggling chainsaws to a group of tap dancers to a man setting himself on fire. All in a minute and a half. No breaks or introductions.
It’s too intense and I worry I might have to adopt this format to keep students interested.
Has anyone else seen this show?

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