Uncharted Stars Radio: Session 3

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I set a personal goal at the beginning of the year: to make more mixes. I hope to make at least one every month. I’ve got a January mix and this is the February mix, so I’m on the right track. Some songs were chosen to remind me of things that occurred this month, like the water not working at school for a week, not having school, and seeing a traffic fatality on the icy road on the way to work.

I planned on getting a microphone and adding some commentary to this set of music and I even tried, but backed out before uploading it. The microphone I had sounded terrible and I wondered if people would even want to listen to me ramble on about music. Maybe next month. I did however use Vegas to mix the set as one track with crossfades, so you will have to look below for the tracklisting.


# Superchunk (Here’s Where the Strings Come) Yeah, It’s Beautiful Here Too
# The Arcade Fire (The Arcade Fire EP) Headlights Look Like Diamonds
# Mogwai (Mr Beast) Travel is Dangerous
# Wintersleep (Wintersleep) Snowstorm
# Death Cab for Cutie (The Photo Album) Why You’d Want to Live Here
# Wolf Parade (Apologies To The Queen Mary) It’s A Curse
# Greg MacPherson (Good Times Coming Back Again) The Day The Water Dried Up From The Well
# Sebadoh (Harmacy) Beauty of the Ride
# Wolf Parade (Apologies To The Queen Mary) Shine A Light
# Jason Collett (Idols of Exile) I’ll Bring The Sun
# Colin Meloy (Colin Meloy Sings Morrissey) Every Day Is Like Sunday
# The Paperbacks (Intercontinental Pop Exchange #1) Grey Skies
# The Most Serene Republic (Underwater Cinematographer) Where Cedar Nouns And Adverbs Walk
# Nathan (Jimson Weed) Home With Me
# Okkervil River (Black Sheep Boy) Song Of Our So-Called Friend
# Iron & Wine with Calexico (In The Reins) History of Lovers
# Pernice Brothers (Nobody’s Listening) Grudge F***
# The Shins (Chutes Too Narrow) Fighting in a Sack
# Wolf Colonel (Intercontinental Pop Exchange #1) The Most Delicious Part

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