first day as a guest teacher

Today started out well. I was only subbing for the afternoon so it was going to be nice way to ease into the role of substitute teacher. I installed Max Payne. Last year I tried to play the game but on my old 450 Mhz and it played horrible. So at 10:00 I decided I better do some dishes, before I shower and get ready for work. This is where the fun began. If the rest of the day goes like this started I was in trouble. sat around the house for a few hours after Andy left for work.

I turned on the tap and there was no water. How was I going to shave and shower for work?

Before work I was also going to go to Fort Qu’Appelle to fill our drinking water jugs. Luckily we still had some water in the jugs so I could wash my hair and shave. So it wasn’t too bad, I still had time to drive to the fort and get water before work.

I got in the car and turned up the stereo. I hadn’t listened to Texas Is The Reason for a long time so I had it pretty loud. All was fine until I tried to turn the music down. None of the buttons on the stereo responded to my touch. The only way I could stop it was to push the reset button. Still nothing responded, only now there was silence. Thanks to some high tech repair behind the wheel (yeah, I took the faceplate off and smacked it against my leg several times). Now the stereo worked again.

I only taught two classes and both went well. I had very little to go on from the teacher, but it was enough. I even learned a little about the Revolution of 1905.

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