tom green a canadian achiever?

I’m watching Screen Savers on TechTV (yes, I’m aware that probably makes me a geek) and they show these public service commercials with Canadian Achievers. Usually the ads have people that you could call the “Titans of Industry”, business executives and Though I don’t think of them as heroes, the one I just saw makes Canada seem pretty pathetic. Tom Green is not a person that I consider a Canadian Achiever, but obviously there are some people that do. This is so sad. Are there no other Canadians worth highlighting? Even William Shatner and his musical abilities deserve more recognition than Tom Green.
Another thing I noticed while watching TV tonight was that shows have become a lot like web logs. Though network executives don’t neurotically check their referrals, they all seem to be trying to spread the word about their “product”. I watched the Simpson’s and Stan Lee was a guest. I immediately realized it is because Spiderman is being released on Friday. Then Malcolm in The Middle guest starred Andy Richler. I wonder if his new show just isn’t doing well enough? If I wanted people to view my site, and I really don’t, I would use the same tactic and post links to my site anywhere possible. I would guest star on any website that will have me.

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