selective organization

A friend of mine lost everything on his computer the other day so he wanted a list of five cds he should download (hey we’re all adults here and we might as well be honest). The following is that list.
1. American Analog Set – know by heart
2. Kepler – fight fuck fail or this heart is painted on
3. Sean Na Na – My Majesty
4. The Gloria Record – start here
5. Ugly Casanova – sharpen your teeth (which makes me want to listen to Modest Mouse Parlor Tricks again)

I’ve lost data (yeah, I should just say it, mp3s and programs) twice about three years ago and have learned from these incidents. Beside my desk is a filing cabinet that I have haphazardly filled with magazines, notes, books and reference letters, with the intent of organizing, but never do. On top of that filing cabinet, I have a CD book full of cataloged discs full of mp3s, and I often wonder if I should store them somewhere safer.

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