plans vs. reality

The plan is perfect.
1. Pack everything and leave my parents house by 9:00 AM
2. Return Pete’s discman
3. Go buy groceries
4. Get to California Sub as soon as it opens at 10:00 AM.
This way I would have almost two and a half hours to get home so Andy would have time to eat at home during her lunch break. Plans are good.
A flawless execution of the plan is even better. This is not what really happened.

The execution is flawed
1. Got groceries and got to California Sub by 9:30 AM.
2. Not open for another half hour yet but no problem, I can read in the car while I wait. I’m impatient and I know this because at about 10:05 AM I knocked on the door. No answer. Waited another 5 minutes then drove down the block to a payphone and called them.
3. Ordered the Avocado, sprouts and cucumber subs but they didn’t have avocado. In this case, I could have gone to Subwayâ„¢ instead.
4. I didn’t leave Saskatoon until 10:35 AM. This meant that if I took the usual 2 1/2 hours Andy would not get her lunch.
5. In the end, I made the 275 Km trip in 2 hours. The radar detector went off once and saved me from a large speeding ticket.

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