Finally got the Satellite dish working. We bought a dish to compensate for the two fuzzy channels we could get in “Small Town”. I think we have watched too much TV in the past two days but there are just so many channels and it’s been two weeks with no TV and no high speed Internet. I guess that’s a lie. I have high speed access at my parents and I really use it now that I have access to my secret online society. I downloaded over 2 gigs of stuff last week. Even a few Sopranos episodes that we won’t be in such a hurry to watch now.

Because of the job fair on Wednesday, my professor canceled the class so I only have two days of class this week. Even though I wish I was already finished school, I am glad that I have a much easier schedule this year. Last year’s six classes a term plus student teaching and working at KFC was much more hectic.

We drove to Fort Qu’Appelle to get some of Andy’s books and then went for lunch. When we got back the other residents in the building sensed we were home and invited us to the birthday party in the common room.

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