Trip Summary

Well I’m back at work again. I can say that I didn’t miss it. Last Wednesday we packed up and went into Nelson for the Greg MacPherson concert. Early the next morning we packed up the tent and headed for Vancouver. The drive was okay and we even got there on time. We planned to have supper at Deb and Barry’s and then go to the Folk Festival in Jericho Beach Park.

The plan was that Pete and Kendra would call my cell phone when they got to the park so they could tell us where to meet them, the only problem was I only had 3 minutes left on the cell phone. As we we driving there the phone rang but it was my mom. I had to quickly explain that I was expecting a call and had no time on the phone. As it turned out Pete just met us at the gates so I called my mom back for a whole two minutes.

The next day, we went to the Naam restaurant It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and only serves vegetarian food. Pete suggested the golden dragon bowl. So both Andy and I tried it.

Though we had only been in Vancouver for 24 hours, it was enough for this time and we headed out towards home. We left Vancouver at 5 PM and pulled into the Husky truck stop in Cranbrook at 3 AM. We slept in the car for 3 hours and started driving again. We got to Fort Qu’Appelle at 6 PM Saturday.

We drove 2100 Kilometers in 25 hours.

We saw 4 deer, 1 fox, and 1 animal we could not identify.

Sunday we traded back to the Honda and drove back to Saskatoon. I dropped off a new resume at the Pita Pit and then we went to see my parents and Nika.

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