I love it here

Shannon’s Campground, Nelson, British Columbia

Yesterday was very relaxing. We started the day with an early breakfast, but soon afterwards went back to the tent for a while. Due to this, we were unable to use the showers because they were being cleaned for an hour and a half.

After buying some groceries at the Co-op we went to the lakeside park and ate lunch. Once we realized that we were both feeling too sick to do anything active like hiking, we went to Ainsworth Hot Springs. We both felt a bit better after the hot springs but were then too relaxed to do more than sit and read.

After supper we went to the theater in town, but unfortunately the only movie plying turned out to be the worst movie we have seen all year. Artificial Intelligence dragged on and on, while using a pointless storyline.

Today we called my parent’s and talked to Nika for a few minutes. She is so incredible, but I’m worried for her. Rhonda gave her 3 month notice, stating that she wants Nika back. I truly believed that she wouldn’t pursue custody. Nika is so much better off where she is.

My dad also informed me that the Pita Pit is hiring again. There were three messages on the phone that I thought was the Pita Pit manager calling because they hung up without leaving a message, but when I called to ask about the position they did not appear too interested. They even said my resume might have gotten lost.

We went to a market at noon and bought some wonderful soap. The market was right by an amazing waterfall with really interesting stones piled in tall columns. We’ll have to go back and take some pictures. Before we could justify sitting around all day reading with our feet in the water we had to do some activity. We canoed to the other side of the lake and found a icy waterfall and the nude beach. We didn’t get close enough to be sure but unless everyone was wearing tan colored suits, it was definitely a clothing optional beach.

We’re going to make a list of reasons why we want to live in Nelson. I just don’t want to forget why I love this place so much.

So if we move to the place we love to vacation in, where do we vacation?

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