Honeymoon etiquette

Gaslight Campground, Medicine Hat, Alberta

We left Saskatoon yesterday, it was a 5 hour drive which shouldn’t be that bad but I think my body knows I’m on vacation. We listened to part of the audio book, Angela’s Ashes. It’s so sad but Frank McCourt can make it light hearted at the same time.

I called Shauna’s parents this morning, to see if she lived in Medicine Hat. They didn’t have her number in Calgary but told me where she works, so I can find her when we are in Calgary for the Elevator show. Is is appropriate to try to call your ex-wife when your on your honeymoon?

I wish I had a good battery in the laptop because there are few opportunities to write, and now I’m not sure what to say right now.

We are going to leave for Cranbrook, BC after we do a few errands in town.

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