Why do these things happen to me?

Just this weekend when we were driving around trying to find the address for my wife’s first aid course, we were talking about all the times we have done something embarrassing or foolish. I told the story of the time I was walking to school in grade two and half way there as I walked past my aunt Tina’s house she came out and asked what I was doing, there was no school that day. Another time after just moving to a new school in kindergarten I saw the fire pole. I was curious and excited to try it out. I didn’t know how to use it properly and everyone assumed that I did so I didn’t wrap my arms or legs around it and essentially fell to the ground. I sprained my ankle and crawled home. I don’t know why my teacher didn’t call my mom to pick me up. I didn’t even think of it. I just started crawling the two blocks to my house. Thankfully my cousin Cookie who would have been in grade 5 at the time carried me home on her back.

By now your asking what is you point. I’m not so sure I have one but I was vividly reminded of these incidences this afternoon as a prof said to me, “it looks like we have a new student in the class”

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