Duplicate iTunes Smart Playlists

I have a smart playlist in iTunes called “new (1 week)”. It should be a simple playlist, but because I want to filter out podcasts, audiobooks and comedy this simple playlist requires multiple rules. After i created this playlist, I found that I wanted more playlists like this, but for “new (2 weeks)” and “new (1 month)”. I could create a new playlist and add all the same rules but change the “Date Added” rule to “2 weeks” and “1 month”, but there is an easier way.

  1. Select the playlist you wish to duplicate.
  2. Click File -> Export.
  3. Save the playlist. Be sure to select .xml as the format.
  4. Click File -> Import and choose the file you exported.
  5. You can now select your newly imported smart playlist and edit the rules to suit your new criteria.
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