Radiogram and Jonathan Inc

*Amigo’s Cantina, Saskatoon, SK*

This has been a week of me trying to do things alone. I was actually quite happy to sit there before the show reading this month’s Exclaim. Shakey was there though so I sat with him and a few other regular Amigo’s people. The little guy with the shaggy beard that dances at shows was there. Turns out he has a name. His name is Steve but I think Andy and I will always refer to him as ‘the little guy that dances at Julie Doiron shows’. Anyway, it wasn’t hard to notice Shakey. There were less than a dozen people actually sitting and watching the show. It was really empty for a Friday night but maybe most of the people that would have gone were smart enough to stay at home and study. I on the other hand, realized that seeing such a great show was worth losing sleep over.

Radiogram’s tour diary

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One Response to Radiogram and Jonathan Inc

  1. Ken says:

    Hey there Something To Forget. Found this link months ago and made a mental note (ok I wrote it down somewhere on a piece of paper lost long ago which is kind of the same thing)to get in touch when next through saskatoon… could not fine a link to an email address though?
    or is it hiding in plain view?
    radiogram will be back at amigos on oct 18th

    please come and say hi…!