Hayden and Chords of Canada

*Amigo’s Cantina, Saskatoon, SK*

I’ve seen lineups at Amigo’s, however I’m always on the inside looking at the poor suckers waiting to get in. This time was different. We arrived at Amigo’s before 9:00. That wasn’t good enough though. we considered leaving but there was only 20 or so people in front of us.

Chords of Canada was the best part of this show. He was just as much an entertainer as he was a musician. It was just Jason (formerly of Transistor Sound And Lighting Co.), but he moved from guitar to bass, and even keyboard. He also brought a Halloween tape along and we “checked up on the Halloween party” between songs. I really look forward to a CD being released. The Transistor CD was a favorite in the car for too many trips to count.

Hayden hasn’t toured or released new material in over three years. When I found out about this show I was so excited. Seeing the show was a disappointment. I remember Hayden asking people at the last show to please be quiet in the back of the bar, but this was different. This time he was rude, and it made it difficult for us to enjoy the show.

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