They Call Me CBC

Maybe because my dad listened to CBC all the time as I grew up, I thought it was perfectly normal for people to listen to CBC Radio One. Of course it hasn’t helped that Andrea listens too. However, in the past few months, I’ve started to wonder if I’m so typical.

We took our six year-old niece on a trip and she didn’t want to listen to CBC because it was ‘too talky’. Now I realize a six-year-old probably isn’t interested in “Definitely Not the Opera”: even though it has interesting interviews, movie reviews and lots of new music. So Nika’s lack of interest still didn’t make me think I was a radio nerd.

When I moved, I started to drive in a carpool to work. The first thing my carpool partners asked when she got in my car was, “You don’t actually listen to CBC do you?”. She later told people at work that I make her listen to CBC and they were all shocked. Of course she forgot to mention that she has been caught turning up the radio or laughing along. Now If I say anything about a obscure fact or anything too nerdy, they now call me CBC. It’s better than before when they called me “Cliff Claven”:

Since I’m clearly a public radio geek, I might as well share a useful link I found before our trip to Vancouver. Here in Saskatchewan, you can listen to 540 AM throughout the province, but once you get into the mountains all the CBC stations are FM and only last for a half hour at most. I could scan the airwaves when ever a station starts to fade out but it’s so much easier to use the “CBC Travelers Transmitter Guide”:

Hopefully there are some other nerds that can use this for trips.

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