You know it’s a BMX roadtrip when…

Rob gets off work at 2:00 AM so our plan is to leave for Edmonton as soon as he’s done work. Eric will be doing a little trip around the city picking up a bunch of BMX nerds. I’m not the oldest (Jay is a month or two older than me) and I’m certainly not the youngest (I can’t believe that Shawn’s parents are letting a 13 year old kid get into a van that might as well have a dragonslayer mural on the side).

Oh did I forget to mention that we don’t know where we’re staying yet? As my brother can remember we rarely plan accommodations in advance and have stayed in hotels in Chicago with strangers (though I think one of them now has a bike company and I use his signature pedals on my bike).

I planned on taking a nap tonight from 10:00 PM until they came to pick me up, but Andy and I are going to Neko Case tonight.

I’m bringing a camera and I might be able to ‘find’ some wireless access in Edmonton so check back for photos I guess. I’ll also try to put together a short video after I return.

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2 Responses to You know it’s a BMX roadtrip when…

  1. Chris Fehr says:

    It’s good and strange to see some parents aren’t as overprotective as they all seem these days. I have co workers building pools so their kids friends will come and play at their house and their kids won’t leave home and they always know where they are!

    At least the little guy is supervised by a responsible teacher.

    Still lov’n the road trip but I just can’t leave home without knowing where I’ll sleep even if the place is actually a little dodge sometimes. You should see what $60 gets you in Toronto.

  2. Scott says:

    Funny you should mention swimming pools. I read Freakonomics and the book discusses parenting and it shows that children are more likely to die in the family pool than they are from guns in the home.