How to Convert Video for your iPod

There is an endless supply of video converters to choose form, some are free and others are not. I’ve tried many different programs and most are almost identical except for your choice of ugly interfaces. One that I have chosen for its simplicity is Free iPod Video Converter from Jodix. With a title like that it’s pretty clear what this program will do.

After installing the program and opening it the process is pretty simple. Like I said there are a lot of software choices, but if you need a simple program with limited options, this is your best bet.

  1. Click add files
  2. Navigate your computer to find the video file you wish to convert. (You can select mulitple files if you hold down the control key while selecting). Click open.
  3. In the second window you can choose a destination folder for your files, as well as video and audio setting that will give you the desired quality and file size and click next. (View Image)
  4. Enter your desired tags and click okay. (View Image)
  5. You will now be brought back to the main program window where you can choose to choose to convert your video, or if you need to make changes you can select the video you wish to edit and click edit to go through the wizard to make your desired changes.
  6. After clicking the convert button, you will see a preview of your file as it is converted. (View Image)

The conversion is going to take a while so you might want to queue a few files so you can convert them overnight. When the conversion is done, you can drag them into iTunes and they will transfer to your iPod next time you sync up.

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